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Having just graduated from University with a History degree, it is safe to say that I was unsure if I would find a job that would allow me to maintain ties with my interest in the past whilst also pursuing a job that could become a future career. Thornley Kelham has allowed me to do both of these things. There is nothing better than coming in to work each morning and seeing all the beautiful old cars, which are all little pieces of the past, and being part of a company that works so hard to maintain that history whilst also restoring them to their former glory.

My role as Office Administrator allows me to get stuck into various aspects of the company and I feel that I am learning a lot, both about the world of classic cars and about working for a small company. Classic cars have always been a part of my life, as my Dad is a bit of an enthusiast and I think his enthusiasm stems from the fact that his grandfather was one of the mechanics that worked on the Sunbeam 1000 HP.

Working at Thornley Kelham allows me not only to feel a part of the past in general but also allows me to be a little part of my family history as well.