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Classic and vintage car storage and maintenance



STORAGE: We now have a second unit, part of which is dedicated to customers who need to store a car or two, perhaps over the winter, or whilst abroad. No work is done in this area, so cars are safe, clean and of course secure. This service can be simple storage, either covered or uncovered according to your preference, or we can start the car regularly and maintain the battery with a trickle charger. Cost is £150 per month + VAT. 

ENHANCED STORAGE: In addition, we offer a full maintenance package which enables you to collect and use the car at your convenience, secure in the knowledge that it has been checked, cleaned, and if unused for an extended period, serviced prior to your arrival. This is priced at £175 per month + VAT.

 If you wish to store your car long term and pay a year in advance, we offer 1 month's storage free of charge.

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