Gallery » 1913 Baby C.I.D.


These light cars were built in Dijon, France by C.I.D. (Constructions Industrielles Dijonaises) between 1912 and 1914. They feature a single cylinder 8hp engine that was supplied by Buchet, a Paris based firm who aslo produced motorcars. Buchet is a little known name these days but they were considered an  active competitor of De Dion during the early years of motoring. The transmission of the Baby C.I.D. is provided by a friction drive system and has four speeds, although number of speeds provided is only determined by the gear gate rather than the system itself. Another quirky feature is the single transverse leaf spring front suspension. 

The car has kindly been loaned to us by an existing customer and Wayne, Paul Woodward and Kevin are restoring the friction drive transmission, and giving 'The Baby' a general overhaul following a period of inactivity.  Once completed Baby C.I.D. will mostly be used for the VSCC Light Car and Edwardian Section events. Being both a 'Light Car' and Edwardian it fits the bill perfectly!