Gallery » 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II


Bodied by Barker, this elegant 'Sports Limousine' is one of the last Phantom II cars built. Chassis number 56 UK retains its original engine, no. RX25, and its interior privacy glass. It is now being stored in our workshops after receiving a mechanical check over and a thorough cleaning throughout. It is currently for sale. 

The Phantom II kept the same 7.7 litre in-line 6 cylinder engine of the Phantom I, incorporating several improvements to engine/gearbox construction, suspension design (allowing lower, sportier bodies to be fitted) as well as better braking.  Over 1400 chassis were built, with just fewer than 300 additional shorter Continental chassis sold by the time it was succeeded by the V12 Phantom III in 1936.  The bodywork on this chassis was constructed by coachbuilder Barker which was founded back in 1710 and was in existence until 1938 when it went into receivership and was taken over by its long-term competitor Hooper.