Gallery » 1963 AC Cobra Competition


This 1963 AC Cobra 289 Competition Chassis No. COB 3008 was purchased by one of our customers earlier on this year and will be race-prepared by our team throughout the season, including visits to the Silverstone Classic, Spa 6 hours and hopefully the RAC TT at the Goodwood Revival.

“COB 6008” has a well documented history, in part due to the fact that the original owner, Bruce Ropner is able to provide the details of the car right back to when he picked it up form the Thames Ditton factory. Bruce Ropner was a part owner of the Croft Motor racing circuit in Yorkshire and the family were well known in motoring circles owning a Jaguar D-Type and later “the Ropner E-Type”  - a semi-lightweight E-type in road/race trim.  It is perhaps no surprise then that he was privileged enough to be able to order one of just 3 customer RHD competition Cobras.

This particular Cobra has some interesting features including a unique wrap-around windscreen, creating a single seat cockpit as seen on a Jaguar D-type. When it was picked up Ropner almost immediately delivered the car to ex-Ecurie Ecosse man Wilkie Wilkinson, who was working at B.R.M. in Bourne at the time. Here the car was fitted with wider rear wheels and two rows of louvers were cut into the bonnet for cooling.

It was also once driven by Gentleman racer, Jack Sears, when his Willment run Cobra had a hitch in practice. Despite the fact that the two cars were completely different colours and that practicing in another car was banned, Ropner had a quiet word with the race official who quickly remembered that he was totally “colour blind!” If you want to know more try this youtube film commissioned and organised by the previous owner and turn up the volume towards the end!