Gallery » 1915 Lancia Theta 35 hp 'Runabout'

1915 Lancia Theta 'Runabout'

The 35 hp Lancia Theta was introduced in 1913 and was powered by a four cyliner sidevalve engine of nearly 5 litres that produced around 70bhp propelling the lighter bodied cars to top speeds of over 75 mph (120kph). The Theta was the first european production car to feature an electric starting system as standard, a typical example of Lancia's forward thinking design. Production ceased in 1919 by which time around 1,700 had been made. Tragically, only 25 are thought to have survived and very few of those with original coachwork.

This particular example was sold new in New York in chassis form. The stylish 'Hydroplane' Runabout body was built stateside and remains original to the car. For some time the car formed part of the famous William 'Bill' Harrah Collection until it was inported into the UK in 1981. All of the major mechanical components are also original making this a very rare and special example of early Lancia engineering.  We were deligthed to be entrusted with re-painting this important car. We completely coach painted the car using Tekaloid paint and traditional techniques.