Gallery » 1935 Bentley 3½ Litre Saloon with coachwork by Park Ward Ltd

This ‘Derby’ Bentley had been in single-family ownership from new until 2012, when it passed to its third owner. Originally the property of a member of the Guinness family it has a fascinating history and many famous political and show business figures have travelled in her, including the Kennedys, Sinatra, Churchill…. The brief was therefore more a conservation project rather than a restoration.

We did significant work to re-commission the car which is now being driven safely on the roads of Ireland.

After an initial assessment of the condition of the car work commenced with a complete overhaul of the front braking system, which included stripping the brakes down, re-lining the shoes and carrying out necessary repairs to the system, for example rebuilding the gearbox-mounted servo before re-assembly.

Separately we have also removed the road springs and had them re-tempered back to the standard specification. Upon their return we machined the eyes of the main springs and manufactured new bushes for these and all the other bushes involved with the road springs.  These we will assemble with new shackle pins and custom-made leather gaiters. To the original wheels we have fitted a set of Dunlop Fort tyres.

The radiator has been removed and re-cored and the water system flushed.

A complete re-wire and overhaul of all the electrical systems has been carried out. This included a few modifications to allow the use of flashing indicators, without adding unsightly extra lamps. The gearbox and clutch have been removed and the clutch has been re-lined. Both the one-shot oil system and the fuel system have been cleaned out and checked. The carburettors will be subjected to a full rebuild. The exhaust is also being replaced, maintaining its town/country change over, once we have rebuilt it.

The car has been re-assembled and given a full service of all lubrication systems before being put back on the road.