Gallery » 1939 Bentley 41/4 Park Ward Saloon


1939 Bentley Park Ward 4 1/4 Saloon

We love these 'Derby' Bentleys…so different from the cars produced during the WO Bentley era which preceded them; these were much more refined sports touring cars.  Dubbed “The Silent Sportscar” by the motoring press, they were produced from September 1933 to 1939 when the Bentley Mark V briefly came into production prior to WWII. This was in the period immediately after Rolls Royce bought the Bentley Motor Company in 1931, and moved production from Cricklewood in North London to Derby.   Rolls Royce wanted a car that played to sportier tastes than their 20/25 model, but was largely based on the same engine.  Whereas the early cars had the 3.5 litre engine, later cars, from 1936, had the larger engine capacity of 4.25 litres as customers ordered increasingly heavy bodies, and Bentley wanted to maintain performance levels.  Park Ward were the most prolific of the Bentley – approved coachbuilders in the Derby period, and this is a lovely example – much easier to drive than the WO Bentleys of only 10 years prior earlier, with conventional pedals and synchromesh on the top two gears. And being one of the very last cars it has both the MX chassis and overdrive.