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Ready for the Mille Miglia? - No problem sir...


That was the request from a new client before Christmas 2013, who had purchased a Series II Aurelia from Mexico following a lead from Simon. Having been in Mexico its whole life, we reasoned that the car would be sound. Photos indicated that there were a number of incorrect parts on the car, and that at some point a poor repaint and retrim had been undertaken, but there seemed little to indicate that a 4-5 month turnaround on the works could be a problem. Then the car arrived. 

The history of the car is fascinating (see below) but unfortunately whilst partially disassembled, moisture had got into the sills and the doors, and parts of the interior metalwork were missing. Once again Jesse's Aurelia knowledge and experience were called into action, and by mid-February the car had new sills, new door skins, repaired door frames, new headlamp bowls and various parts re-manufactured. Now it is over to the paint boys for a cellulose black repaint (the original colour) whilst our trimmer restores the interior in the correct 'nocciola' combination of vinyl and cloth. Oh, and of course there is the complete engine and transaxle rebuild and conversion from column to floor gear change....

The car is now complete and ready for the 2015 Mille Miglia.