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'Good t'ing no cheap; cheap t'ing no good'

Old Caribbean adage

When we are asked to look at a potential restoration project, we start by asking you what you want from the car - factory original? Discreet upgrades? A true concours contender? Fast road use? How important is preservation? Do we refurbish or replace?

Wayne, Darren and selected team members then examine your car thoroughly. From this we create an initial 'ball park' estimate which we take you through, and seek your approval. At this stage we have not removed anything from your car, and so we are unable to give detailed or more accurate figures on likely works. Once we are given the go-ahead, we strip the car down, and from what we find we compile a project schedule and more detailed estimate. We do not offer fixed prices for restoration work, but this second estimate is designed to give you a more realistic idea of likely costs. We are spending your money and so we will advise you on potentially significant overruns throughout the project. And we thought it might be helpful if you could see the hourly rates on which we base our work. These vary according to the complexity of the job, the experience of those involved, and the equipment required. So for example, we charge less for stripping a car than we do for rebuilding an engine or machining new parts. We think that is fair.

rates from APRIL 2021

  • Paint stripping/cleaning/valeting/semi skilled labour: £35 per hour
  • All restoration works - metalwork, paintwork, engine building and mechanical, trimming, wiring, woodwork: £70 per hour
  • Machine shop: £70 per hour
  • Servicing: click here
  • Sales Services: click here

We also have to do our bit as tax collectors, so VAT must be added to the above figures where applicable.

Wherever possible, we try to keep your car in our workshops throughout the whole job, and you are welcome to come and see it at any time (with a bit of notice…)

Our philosophy is based on fairness, transparency and value. The reality is that there are always unknowns and unforeseeables (remember Rumsfeld...) when restoring old cars. Our work approach can be summed up by ‘Do it once and do it right’ and ‘Good enough, isn’t.’ We know we are not cheap, but as we all know, in life you tend to get what you pay for.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.