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Cars were a constant feature growing up; with early memories of riding in my father's Triumph TR4. As I got older he restored MGs and Lotuses. I then married into a family with a history of pre-war supercharged MGs. An interest in photography at college ultimately turned into a commercial venture and it was inevitable that I would turn my camera to automotive work. 

When a car is stripped bare I am witness to the original craftsmanship, the history; the beauty. The opportunity to record the restoration process is a great privilege. Working with Thornley and Kelham to showcase their skills is such a pleasure. I am working alongside some of the most skilled craftsmen in the business. The transformation to sympathetically restored glory is truly inspirational and I strive to reflect that in my photography.

For me, the ultimate reward is to deliver photographs which illustrate the beauty and the investment into the car's future in a way the owner had never expected.

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