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I have been fascinated by all things mechanical from an early age. As a child I would dismantle bikes and go-karts to modify and rebuild them.  Even on Christmas day I could usually be found taking my presents apart to see how they worked! Once in my teens my need for mechanical things went in to overdrive, so my parents bought me an old Vauxhall Chevette for my 15th Birthday.  Within a couple of years I had stripped it down, customised and rebuilt it more than once. Over the next decade I acquired numerous vehicles (I believe 37 in all!) all of which were stripped, customised, rebuilt and then sold to make way for the next project.

With this background it’s unsurprising that I have worked in the car industry for my whole career. Having started out as an apprentice in 1988 at a Citroen Dealership, by 1999 I was working for Bob Houghton Ferrari and it was here that I was lucky enough to restore and race prepare some of the world’s most rare and desirable Sports-Racing and Grand Prix Ferraris.  The highlight for me was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where I was in charge of preparing the ex-Gilles Villeneuve 1978 T3 Formula 1 car for his son Jacques to drive up the famous hill for the very first and last time…

In 2006 I moved to Dick Lovett Sporting where I was employed as head technician for the Ferrari, Maserati and Lotus franchise. In this role I was the only technician permitted to work on F40, F50 and Enzo models. In 2011 I moved to Australia with my family for a short period where I worked for Barbagallo Sport in Perth race preparing Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus and Lamborghini. In 2012 we had to move back to England and I spent a brief period with Williams Sports Cars servicing Lotus and Morgan and at few months at Lovett’s again before the opportunity to join the team here at Thornley Kelham became available.

I am really looking forward to working on the interesting array of cars that come into our workshops here and hope to share some more exciting experiences with them.  

My time away from work is spent with my family, maintaining the home, playing with my nitro radio controlled car, cycling, go-karting and mountain boarding.  I also love motorcycles and all things Italian so I currently ride a Benelli. Before I met my wife I enjoyed parachuting and skydiving but that has now unfortunately stopped - we participate in a pub quiz on a Sunday instead…. Never enough car-related questions so we haven’t won yet!