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For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in cars, with my dad being a big influence since I was young. I remember spending summer days in the garage with him since I was about 10 years old. Even at 12 years old I had the privilege of working on different cars such as a 1936 Chrysler Kew, ‘55 Buick Roadmaster amongst others. At 16 years old I decided to start my own project which was a 1972 VW beetle which was extremely rotten!  I welded it up and used the car for three years. I saw an advertisement in the local paper by a new company - "The Vintage and Classic Paintshop", I gave them a call and they offered me an apprenticeship to be a mechanic, I served my apprenticeship for three years gaining an NVQ L2 in motor vehicle. In the three years I have been here my skills have really developed and I have the confidence to tackle major works on serious cars. I am now working on rebuilding front axles, rebuilding steering boxes, rebuilding rear suspension components and am hoping to progress my way up to rebuilding engines and gearboxes. The great thing is that there are very experienced people working around me who are always willing to give me some guidance or lend a hand.

Currently I am working on a Lancia Aurelia B20GT series 3  which we are building as an historic race car which is a new challenge. The car will be using the bigger brakes  of a Series 6, we are beefing up the front axle and building up a fast but durable Series 6 engine. I enjoy it because I am researching and learning about all the different series of Aurelia and how they changed through the years: different suspension set ups, steering set ups, engine blocks and so on. I am currently stripping down an engine for this car and will be involved with the rebuild to enhance my skills. I have also had a great opportunity to work on a 4 1/2 litre Bentley, fabricating various parts for a revised throttle pedal and setting it up, also repairing the thermo stat housing. I feel lucky that I have such a great opportunity to work on the standard of vehicles that are in our workshops.

My hobbies are working with cars, helping my dad with his 1948 Chevrolet Aerosedan Fleetline and his 1968 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup. In whatever time I have left I am working on my 1972 VW Beetle which I have heavily modified and is now undergoing a full restoration in my garage.  I guess you can say cars are my life!