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It was inevitable that I would pursue a career in classic cars. From an early age, my father always had projects on the go and it wasn’t long before I did too.


After studies and an attempt at university, I moved back home and landed a job working in hydrogen car concept where I developed as many of my self-taught skills as I could. It became evident that this is how I would continue in my career. From there I moved to work on Vintage Bentley. Through hard work, devotion to the idea of the property ladder and a lot of hard earned cash, my partner and I bought, renovated and enjoyed a Victorian home all before the age of 22.


A change in scenery from Swansea to the Cotswolds was at hand. So this is where I found Thornley Kelham. After a short time here I have felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the many marques we restore. I know I will continue to develop my skills for some time to come.


Outside of work, my time is spent renovating whatever my partner and I can get our hands on: furniture, cars, houses or our newest acquisition, an abode on wheels in the form of a VW crafter.

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