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With a name like Graham Hill it is probably unsurprising that I’ve ended up with a career in the motoring world. Rather like my world champion namesake it was motorcycles that first sparked my interest. My uncle was into road racing motorcycles in a big way and he and my father had a business producing and spray-painting the fairings for other racers. Before the race meetings there were often sidecar outfits, fuel tanks and fairings around the house. I loved it, my mother used to despair!

As I got older my father grew the "back garden" business to a small body shop and it was here that we carried out my first "resto"  - a 1964 small-windowed VW Beetle. From that point on I knew my passion was strong enough for me to make painting my trade.

In my twenties I raced armoured stock cars and ended my "racing" career on mini motor cross where I enjoyed a six year spell eventually being runner up in the over 40's category at the Mini Bike Masters National Championship. I am also a trained coach at the Amateur Boxing Association.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed working on some fantastic cars including a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster, a 1930 Model A pick-up and several Alfa Romeo Guillietta's. I also did some work on a 1936 Fleetwood Cadillac that belonged to a certain Mr. Jagger. This is perhaps the favourite of all cars I worked on prior to joining Thornley Kelham.

I still watch all forms of motor sport and enjoy spending time walking my two Jack Russell terriers with my wife and sometimes my "grumpy" teenage daughter!!!

I'm joining Thornley Kelham after 25 years in the business, having mainly worked on paint-damaged cars for the insurance industry. The enthusiasm of the TK team is refreshing and has renewed my passion for more interesting cars. I have already enjoyed my time here working on several interesting marques. I now look forward to every "new" old car that comes through the door.