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From the age of 8 when my parents bought me a radio controlled car they knew what I would become. Stripping and rebuilding it hundreds of times, I was more fascinated by how it worked rather than playing with it. I would say that this is still the case. However, as you get older, the toys become more expensive!

At 15, I started racing mountain bikes at a semi professional level, with my highest accolade achieving a ranking of 6th in the UK at the age of 16, and competing in a couple of World Cup races. I progressed to motocross at the age of 19, again achieving a high standard. However, finances made this a little out of my grasp to conyinue so I thought I would move onto rallying... co-driving this time, and servicing for friends.

Having been interested in all things mechanical and motorsport, serving my Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship with Volkswagen stood me in good stead to combine my interests. I ended up starting my own business building race/ rally cars and bespoke components, from roll cages to suspension re-design. By doing this I could become more creative and fulfill my desire to make things as perfectly as I possibly could. I then started to pursue my interest in engineering where I felt I could further my knowledge in manufacturing and processes.

Working nights for over two years got the better of me! It was then that I stumbled across Thornley Kelham and fell in love with what they do. Being surrounded by such beautiful cars has now given me the desire to learn more about the classic/historic car scene and restore such cars with the attention to detail and love that they deserve. 

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