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From a young age I have always been interested in cars; as a youth I loved to take things apart, repaint them and detail them up, turning the old back to the glory of looking new. I used to take my push bikes apart and spray them different colours each month! I enjoyed this so much I decided I want to be a sprayer when I grew up! When I was fifteen years old I wrote letters to all the local paint shops to see if I could get a Saturday  job, and  I had a reply – great! So I started working Saturday mornings and then in the school holidays. I loved it so much I bought my first car at the age of 16, a 1978 Ford Escort 1600 Sport, I spent all my time on that car.

I also deseamed a Mini which was fun! The local paint shop I was working at then offered me an apprenticeship. I did 3 years “City and Guilds 365 “in vehicle refinishing and body repair.

I am very passionate about my job, I have 25 years experience in paint refinishing, working in VW, Audi, and Mercedes –approved paint shops over the years. But modern work – even on quality cars – increasingly became about time and meeting insurance company deadlines. I wanted to take my skills and talent to another level so I joined this company and cars I have prepared and painted since include Lancia Aurelias, Bristol 400 and 401 cabriolets, Mercedes 220 SE  ponton cabrio, Mercedes 280SL pagodas, BMW 327 and 328s, vintage Bentley 3 litre and 4.5 litre, Pegaso, Porsche 911s and even a Pagani Zonda. To transform a car that was tired, back to its full glory is very rewarding to me as well as for our customers, its worth all those hours of hard work.

My dream car is Mustang Shelby 500 GT.  In the future I would like to restore a 50s Chevy truck or a muscle car for myself .When not working I like spending time with my family, and my hobbies are movies, D.I.Y, and landscaping my garden. I love creating  and building things with attention to detail. Thanks for reading this  and I  look forward to working perhaps on your car in the future.

LFW 2640