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My first memories of engineering and interests in vehicles was when I was a teenager and I tinkered with my many motorcross bikes, and raced old cars around the local farmers’ fields with my friends (permission granted). My dad always encouraged me and showed me the basics and my natural aptitude with mechanics helped me learn the skills I needed.

During my 26 years of engineering I have worked in several fields: at the age of 16, I was offered an engineering apprenticeship at Redlers where I learnt a wide range of skills such as milling, turning, grinding and welding.  After 4 years at Redlers, I moved onto building agricultural machinery at Matbro for 5 years where I secured skills in, understanding hydraulics, fitting air conditioning, building and testing a wide verity of agricultural machines.  After the company was relocated to Ireland I moved to a local company fitting air conditioning into all types of vehicles. This was a demanding job that required considerable travel and working on farms and varied locations.  It was a couple of years later when I was given the opportunity to work for small, family run, Precision Engineering where I worked for 18 years.  During this time I created one-off pieces, CNC programming and setting machines using cad design, training apprentices, trouble shooting and increasing efficiency and accuracy of programmes and worked within tight tolerances.  I have a keen eye for detail and an all-round mechanical understanding.

Time spent away from work include spending time with my wife Laura and our two very active sons, whom also share my passion for classic cars.  My personal hobbies include classic VW vehicles. I have owned numerous Beetles, campers and a much loved Karman Ghia.  My current camper is a 1957 split screen which I have painstakingly restored and overhauled twice in the twenty years I have owned it.  During these restorations I have upgraded the brakes, altered the chassis to use a different gearbox, rebuilt the engine and even painted it at home on the drive.  Having a passion for cars, I’ve helped many friends and family with their cars, including restoring my father-in-laws 1956 Fordson Major for a family wedding.

On weekends, I currently coach a local youth football team where I have built a sound team known for fair play, and good sportsmanship.  In any spare time I have I am kept busy with small projects. Future ideas include creating a 'Tot-Rod' for my sons and restoring my 1967 beetle.

My dream car would have to be a Porsche 356. Maybe that's a project for later years….