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Right, where to start? My life of classic cars began at the age of 3. I opened my final Christmas present to find my very own AC Cobra (model obviously). My whole world just lit up. I used to take it apart, put new wheels and tyres on it and repair it. I had my own personal garage - I still have that car today.

Once I had grown up (a little) I became interested in real cars such as Ford, Austin, Standard, Morris etc. As an 8 year-old I asked my parents if I could perhaps start my own car project for Christmas; they agreed and thought it would be an amazing hobby. This was before they discovered the cost of parts...

A few emails and phone calls later I had got myself an early split screen Morris Minor! I decided to fix it up and to sell it to make some profit, which became my aim for future cars too. That first glimpse of my little navy blue Morris awoke my interest in classic cars. I bought and sold more cars, including an early Mk1 Austin 1100, MGB GT, 5 Minis, and a 1957 Standard Pennant and 1990 Austin Mini, both of which I currently own.

Wanting to aim higher in life and while still at school, I was told to find myself a week’s work experience, and I discovered Thornley Kelham. I was asked for an interview and had a tour of the workshops. I had never seen anything so outstanding, and I could see my whole life evolving around the things in that building. I felt my path to my future had just opened up. I didn’t want that week to end, and luckily I was offered evening work - an amazing opportunity for me and my future in classic cars. Today I have an apprenticeship doing exactly what I want to do; and I cannot describe how much help and guidance I have been given by my team members.

I am aiming to finish my 3-year apprenticeship with a Level 3 qualification. I can see a future for myself here that I would never have dreamed of when I was 3, and I hope to be working with Thornley Kelham for many years to come. There is so much I feel I can achieve and higher goals to aim for with the help of my fellow team mates – thanks to you all.