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I’ve always been interested in things mechanical. Cars, bikes, trains, boats and planes, anything with wheels or an engine! My mother says my first word was car!

After leaving school at 16 with my O levels I studied for an engineering diploma at Swindon college. I soon realised that theory wasn’t for me and against my parents wishes “dropped out” and got a job with a family friend restoring vintage motorcycles and cars. 30 years later I’m still doing the job I love. Over the years I’ve worked on a huge variety of cars; from a Bugatti Royale and the Bucciali TAV12 through Rolls Royce, Bentley, Hispano Suiza, Lagonda, Ferrari, Lancia and Alfa Romeo to Amilcar and Austin 7.  I have a keen interest in the Alfa Romeo marque and have owned a vast number over the years. I’ve owned a Alfasud for 15 years but have never driven it! One day I will find the time to finish it.

Back in my youth I raced karts with some success but mortgage payments and a family brought that to an end. I now enjoy touring on my beloved Ducati, my more sedate hobby is keeping tropical fish. I’m an active member of the Green Lane Association; researching, maintaining and driving the country's network of un surfaced rights of way. We work with the Treadlightly! organisation to promote sensible driving in the countryside.