Welcome to the European programme

Today’s enthusiastic drivers value reliability and comfort as well as high performance and engineering sophistication in their cars. The challenge of bringing together the beauty, heritage and all-round coolness of a classic car with modern components, engineering and materials has lead us to develop our European programme – reinterpretations of iconic classics.  We are now working on a range of highly modified Porsche 356, Porsche 911 and Jaguar XK projects. All embody our core philosophy:

The Design. The Detail. The Drive.

Lancia Aurelia B20GT 'Outlaw'

This limited edition of nine bespoke Lancia Aurelia B20GT re-imaginations was inspired by the final lowered roof version of the Bracco Aurelia that competed so successfully in 1951. Built to your own specification, the result is a car true to Lancia’s core beliefs in engineering innovation, balance and drivability but redesigned and updated to embrace modern comfort, performance and reliability.

With the first 5 examples completed, and Numbers 6 and 7 currently in build, this limited series has attracted the discerning eye of a number of the world’s top collectors and been praised in the media for its aesthetics, aerodynamic design and extremely high quality finish.

For more information and photos about the last 3 cars, see The final 3 Outlaws

The Fuorilegge – ‘Outlaw’ in Italian – dedicated website is here

Reclaiming 'European'

In the 1950s, Max Hoffman almost single-handedly turned the American market onto the beautiful agile sports cars of Europe, including Porsche, BMW and Alfa Romeo. The exotic allure of cars from this part of the world was so enticing that Porsche even sold a number of 356s to the American market badged as ‘European’. It’s this golden era that we want to recapture with the ‘European’ programme, offering modern day buyers the same kind of thrill of finding something new, something beautiful and something exhilarating. Our first reinterpretation of this golden era, reimagined for the 21st century, is coming soon.

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One man's vision

The prototype of the most detailed specification for one man’s dream machine is now in build. We will shortly be releasing project slots for a limited number of these very special cars.

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New Jaguar XK European has Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of our Jaguar XK European programme. Our new  ‘European’ brand harks back to that post war golden era of motoring, when European marques such as Jaguar, Lancia and Porsche were building beautiful and capable cars that were in huge demand all over the world. European stands for heritage, design and engineering – and freedom. 

Redesigned by Paul Howse, ex-McLaren Senior Designer and responsible in large part for the P1 and 720S designs, the Jaguar XK European is based on near-derelict 1950s XK chassis, and no more than 25 coupés will be built. Chassis Number One has already been commissioned and is now in progress in our workshops.

To find out more, see here: Jaguar XK European