We have entered into partnership with engineering, machining and engine-building specialists, Race Techniques, who are now, along with their team, equipment and tooling, under the same roof as Thornley Kelham.

This has greatly enhanced our offering to motorsport customers, and can deliver our customers a wider range of skills and experience for restorations or engine rebuilds, including now providing ultimate specification high-performance road, race and rally power units and as well as a Dyno facility.

The Race Techniques partnership will unlock new levels of power, fuel efficiency and longevity for customers looking for the ultimate road or racing specification.

Established locally to Thornley Kelham in the Cotswolds, Race Techniques has built an enviable reputation amongst its customers for delivering race-winning engines. The team has now moved into Thornley Kelham’s premises, bringing with them decades of expertise and engine testing as well as development technology and an in-house Dynomometer. 

As an example, at the 2018 Le Mans Classic, three cars – two Invictas and a Lagonda – used Race Techniques’ engines and boasted the fastest speed of any cars in their class, producing double the output of the original engines.

In 2010, the Ulster Grand Prix Lap Record was powered by a Race Techniques engine, and the winner of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 AMCA 250 British Motocross Championship was powered by a Race Techniques engine. These are just some of a string of successes stretching back to 1989.

We already provide our customers with full engine rebuilds and performance upgrades as typified by the bespoke limited edition Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ project, powered by a Flaminia 2.5-litre 3C engine, enlarged to 2.8 litres and fuel injected. Now this capability for performance-focused work is increased significantly with Race Techniques on-board. 

Race Technique's Superflow 902 Dynamometer measures every aspect of an engine’s performance and can accommodate outputs as high as 1500bhp, 1000 ft/lbs of torque and 12,000rpm.

Race Techniques’ Superflow SF300E Flow Bench measures the precise quantity of air an engine cylinder can consume and expel. When Race Techniques was entrusted with developing a pair of original, exceptionally rare, Ferrari GTO cylinder heads to produce more power and torque, the flow bench proved essential in ensuring success. 

Our engineering service is an integral part of our range of capabilities; our team has experience of building engines ranging from Amilcar, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari and Jaguar, to Lancia, Rolls Royce and vintage Vauxhall.

We offer various upgrades and are able to re engineer to incorporate modern componentry into your classic. Our fully equipped machine shop enables us to fabricate parts as we need them. Our machinists work hand-in-hand with our engine builders, and we regularly organise new castings, machining as necessary in-house; a service we also offer to outside customers.

Although the majority of our clients come to us looking for a restoration service to highly detailed original specifications, it is true that some wish to re-engineer components of their cars to suit modern traffic and driving conditions, or to improve comfort and handling.  Generally, this is to complement a full or partial restoration.  We offer a range of services and, for example, have recently completed a number of changes to a Mercedes Benz 220SE including:

  • Design and fitting of hidden air-conditioning.
  • Conversion from column shift to floor gear-change, including re-engineering the gear change linkages.
  • Conversion of the suspension geometry and bodywork to accommodate larger wheels/tyres.
  • Re-engineering the drivetrain to allow the use of a modern BMW 6-speed gearbox.
  • Installation of a bespoke long range fuel tank, whilst preserving the original look.

 Call us with your requirements, no matter how bonkers - we'd love to do an aero-engined special!!


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