Our engineering service is now an integral part of our range of capabilities; our team has experience of building engines ranging from Amilcar, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari and Jaguar, to Lancia, Rolls Royce and vintage Vauxhall.

We offer various upgrades and are able to re engineer to incorporate modern componentry into your classic. Our fully equipped machine shop enables us to fabricate parts as we need them. Our machinists work hand-in-hand with our engine builders, and we regularly organise new castings, machining as necessary in-house; a service we also offer to outside customers.

Although the majority of our clients come to us looking for a restoration service to highly detailed original specifications, it is true that some wish to re-engineer components of their cars to suit modern traffic and driving conditions, or to improve comfort and handling.  Generally, this is to complement a full or partial restoration.  We offer a range of services and, for example, have recently completed a number of changes to a Mercedes Benz 220SE including:

  • Design and fitting of hidden air-conditioning.
  • Conversion from column shift to floor gear-change, including re-engineering the gear change linkages.
  • Conversion of the suspension geometry and bodywork to accommodate larger wheels/tyres.
  • Re-engineering the drivetrain to allow the use of a modern BMW 6-speed gearbox.
  • Installation of a bespoke long range fuel tank, whilst preserving the original look.

 Call us with your requirements, no matter how bonkers - we'd love to do an aero-engined special!!


Our team has extensive experience of re-building a wide range of engines, both pre- and post-war, including WO and Derby Bentleys, Lagonda, Alvis, Amilcar, Hispano Suiza, Lancia, Rolls Royce, Ferrari,......
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Machine Shop

We are continually investing in equipment for our machine shop. Kevin, who runs our Engineering Department (Wayne has known him for 20 years) has been machining man and boy, and......
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If you don't want a full restoration, but need that little something extra for your loved one, we offer various upgrades including:...
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