3D imaging creates first symmetrical Lancia Flaminia Zagato

Posted on 12 July 2012

Thornley kelham commissions 3D engineers to scan flaminia zagato as first step to making a new body


We have now started disassembly of a second Flaminia Zagato (for details of the first, click here) for full restoration with an upgraded engine. Because of the complex, but fragile, structure of these cars they require significant steel repairs and aluminium panelwork. We are therefore working with Stuart Brown of 3D engineers to develop a buck to enable us to reskin these cars. These are the first images of the scanned car, which have been corrected in-computer to create a perfect bodyshell. Next step a scale model, and then a full sized buck...

Flaminia-Orig-and-Sym-vers-comparison-5.jpg Flaminia-Orig-and-Sym-vers-comparison-4.jpg Flaminia-Orig-and-Sym-vers-comparison-3.jpg Flaminia-Orig-and-Sym-vers-comparison-2.jpg Flaminia-Orig-and-Sym-vers-comparison-1.jpg