1957 BMW 507 Series 1

Posted on 9 March 2012

1957 BMW 507 Series 1

One of these rare and elegant cars has just come into our workshops for a 5-speed gearbox conversion.

The BMW 507, with its 3.2 litre V8 engine, was produced between November 1956 to late 1959, and was aimed at the North American market, to compete with the slightly more upmarket Mercedes Benz 300SL  - the famous Gullwing.  Due to the high purchase price, over $9,000 at the time, BMW did not sell many (the Gullwing eventually outsold it 10 to 1), and lost money on the programme, with the result that not many were made...just over 250 cars in total.  Famous owners included Elvis Presley and John Surtees (who still owns his car today).  Around 200 cars are believed to survived.

The car is campaigned extensively by its owner and is a presentable, well used example of this fast-appreciating and beautifully engineered car. After all, Sir John Surtees cannot be wrong - and he helped in the development of the brakes...

bmw-507NYC-Auto-Show-1955.jpeg bmw507cut-away.jpeg BMW 507 period photo bmw507cluster 507catalog.jpg