Amilcars at Monthléry

Posted on 19 April 2013

After many hours of hard work by the team here, and particularly our chief mechanic Paul Woodward, the first of the glorious C6 Amilcars has been completed. Chassis number 11052 (the white car) is the ex-Louis Devaud/Georges Grignard 1928 Amilcar C6, a veteran of a number of French Grand Prix in the 1920s and 1930s including impressive second places at the 1935 and 1936 ‘Bol d’Or.

For the past week or so we have all have been delighted by the fantastic and raucous exhaust note produced by the straight-six supercharged voiturette; and Paul has been testing the car around the workshops and tuning up the engine. Far from upsetting the neighbours it has drawn a crowd every time and raised more than a few smiles in the process.

Late yesterday evening after some final fettling and preparation and in front of the proud owner the car was loaded into the Thornley Kelham Motorsport trailer ready for its first outing. Destination: the historic Monthléry banked circuit just outside Paris. Its stable mate on the trip will be the second of the two C6s also being completed at Thornley Kelham – after some great work by Alistair Gibson.

At Monthléry the two cars will feature in a gathering of 10 C6 cars – possibly the largest gathering of these cars ever and around half of the surviving examples extant. The “white car” will take part in laps of the circuit and we have “sent’ Ashley out to photograph and film the proceedings this weekend. It will be sure to delight the partisan crowds in France from whence it came. So until they return here are a few snaps of the car taken by Simon - but do come back next week to view the full report and photographs from the event. 

19DM2881_2.jpg 19DM2866_2.jpg 19DM2879_2.jpg 19DM2843_2.jpg 19DM2835_2.jpg 19DM2828_2.jpg