'Commercial' success for Thornley Kelham Restorations

Posted on 19 October 2012

A Morris TK FF140 Truck fully restored by Thornley Kelham has won awards at every single one of the four events it has attended since its completion.

The truck was delivered to us for a total restoration and is one of the biggest projects we’ve undertaken – certainly in physical size! It is not necessarily the normal type of vehicle we restore, but then we like to think we don’t have a ‘normal type.’

It is owned by an extremely good client who also owns two magnificent vintage Rolls-Royce that we look after. He had good reason to want one of these trucks restored- his father started a company in the 1960s that had over 200 of these particular lorries, and he wanted a restored example in the period livery of that company.

The first problem was that the donor vehicle was in such terrible condition that we actually had to source a second vehicle to ensure the project could be completed. Every aspect of the restoration was carried out to the same exacting standards we would use to restore a vintage Bentley or any valuable car for that matter.

Work included:

  • Extensive chassis work
  • New metalwork
  • Fully rebuilt mechanicals throughout
  • Full rewire and refurbished electrics
  • New truck bed and sides made from Sapele Hardwood
  • Interior of the cab totally refurbished and re-trimmed


Check out Ashley’s great before and after photographs to see the results of the work carried out.

Suffice to say this project was a genuine labour of love for our client, and we are grateful to him for the opportunity to restores something a bit outside of the norm. The truck has appeared at a number of events where it has won top awards, so both he and the Thornley Kelham team are delighted with the fruits of his determination and our labours.

LF29719.jpg LF29757.jpg LF29760.jpg LF29784.jpg LF29766.jpg LF29755.jpg LF29749.jpg LF29743.jpg LF29742.jpg LF29738.jpg LF29732.jpg 19DM2220.JPG LFW1986.jpg 19DM1635.JPG P1050402.JPG P1030784.JPG P1030200.JPG P1020951.JPG P1020961.JPG P1020958.JPG P1020970.JPG Image0459.jpg