First in Class for 1938 Alta Supercharged at Arosa Classic Car!

Posted on 2 October 2014

The 10th International Arosa ClassicCar hill climb took place between Langwies and Arosa in Switzerland, transforming Arosa into the ‘Monaco of the Mountains’ once again.

In recent years, the reputation of the international hill climb has spread far beyond the borders of Switzerland. This year’s event attracted over 25,000 spectators along the windy, 7.8km race track from Langwies to Arosa, which includes 76 turns and an altitude difference of 422 metres. It’s the only track in Switzerland with a downhill stretch of 1.2km. Vehicles built between 1.1.1905 and 31.12.1985 or approved cars from 1990 for the period IC (Group C and IMSA, 1982 - 1990) qualify to register and are divided into different classes. 

This year, Thornley Kelham prepared and supported a 1938 Alta Sports Supercharged, recently acquired by its owner for the specific intention of participating in the hill climb, an event for which this car is ideally suited. Much preparation work was carried out by our race mechanic, Colin, to ensure the car’s first outing would be a success. Driven by the car’s owner and co-driven by his wife, Colin remained on hand to check all was working well and sort out any small issues.

On arrival, the weather forecast was not good and the first 2 days proved very challenging with low temperatures followed by rain then snow. However, with each hill climb, the car performed better and better and its timings improved significantly. It completed its first hill climb in 6:14 minutes, gradually speeding up throughout the event  and completing the last in 5:25 minutes.

Result: It finished first in its class and second overall in Prewar cars, an outstanding achievement!

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