Gran Premio Nuvolari, Italy

Posted on 30 September 2014

Mantova-Rimini-Siena-Mantova september 2014


1950 Ferrari 195S finishes successfully!

The death of Tazio Nuvolari, one of the world’s greatest racing drivers on 11 August 1953, touched the entire world. Particularly close to the Mantuan driver were Renzo Castagneto, Aymo Maggi and Giovanni Canestrini, the men who created "the most beautiful race in the world" the "Mille Miglia", with Franco Mazzotti. They all greatly admired this dedicated and talented man, and were grateful to him for contributing so much towards spreading the huge popularity of the Mille Miglia.

In 1954, in honour of his memory, they altered the traditional route of the Mille Miglia so that it passed through Mantova, the place of his birth. In 1954, the GRAN PREMIO NUVOLARI was established, starting from Cremona, passing through Mantova before finishing in Brescia, traversing the impressive straight roads of the Po Valley.This year’s 1000 mile event started in Mantova before passing through Ravenna, Rimini, Siena, Arezzo and Modena, finishing in Mantova at the end of the 3-day race.

Thornley Kelham supported a 1950 Ferrari 195S which has been extensively road tested and prepared by Colin, our race mechanic. Driven by the car’s owner and his wife, Colin followed them along the entire route in a support vehicle, ensuring that the car was ok and performed well. Despite several issues with battery and electrical problems, the car managed to successfully finish the long and grueling race.

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