Lancia Aurelia Series 1 ex - Bracco car

Posted on 13 March 2014

Chassis B20-1010, one of 490 first series cars, came second in the 1951 Mille Miglia a matter of days after leaving the factory. This was followed by a class win (by over a lap) at Le Mans that year, various Italian race wins including the Pescara, and in November of that year, entry into the second Carrera Panamericana. In all cases it was driven by Giovanni Bracco, a wealthy privateer with close connections to Gianni Lancia. Unfortunately it crashed out on the fourth day of the Panamericana, having been in a strong position. It was subsequently sold by Bracco to a Mexican architect, Peredo, who rebuilt the car and drove it in the ’52 race, finishing 9th in class.

This ex-Bracco Series 1 Aurelia B20GT is now currently in our workshops undergoing a painstaking restoration for completion this year.

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