'Steady Special' in Octane magazine May 2014

Posted on 28 March 2014

The May issue of Octane magazine carries a major feature on the Lancia Astura 'Steady Special'  (nicknamed the 'Short Astura' by Steady himself), a restoration project which was entrusted to Thornley Kelham by owner Michael Scott. Michael bought the car from Steady Barker, the two men having been friends for over 50 years. Steady himself has been an inspiration to us from the start of our business, and has had close ties with Wayne for over 20 years. The magazine feature is completed by a portrait of Steady, the legendary Autocar test driver who originally owned the Lancia, and on whose original drawings the current car is based.  

Read all about it: it is a very evocative piece illustrated by beautiful photography; we have attached the relevant pages, although  most of you probably read Octane anyway. Michael Scott is also the founder of The International Guild Of Specialist Engineers (tigose.com) of which Thornley Kelham is proud to be a founder member. 

To read about the full restoration story, see here 

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