TK team weekend fun!

Posted on 16 October 2012

Members of the Thornley Kelham team regularly take part in motoring events at the weekends so we thought we’d post some details on our news site to encourage you to have a go... (If you aren’t already)



On the 30th September Robert was racing his father’s Alvis 12/50 at the VSCC Seaman Memorial Trophies Race Meeting held at Snetterton in Norfolk. Last weekend Matthew Tupman, our ‘new boy,’ was racing there in the final round of the MG Metro cup – so how did they get on?

With rapid 8C Alfa Romeos, Delahayes, Talbot Lagos, and Talbot 105 team cars in the race for standard and modified pre-war sports cars (in which Robert was competing) outright victory was and never is on the cards. (Getting his excuses in early-Ed). However Robert reckons its worth the entry fee just to be on track with them! Robert got a good start and was leading, amongst others, two Riley Brooklands – good going for an Alvis 12/50.  Sadly he didn’t finish the race as he ‘had an airlock in the fuel system.’ A good racing driver excuse for running out of fuel!

Matthew joined Thornley Kelham in mid September (profile coming soon) and has already built up a reputation as the ‘young gun’ racer of the team.  Competing in the final round of MG Metro challenge at Snetterton in Norfolk he got on the podium with a very impressive 3rd, beating most of the more powerful later cars and proving that his grown-up reputation is well- founded. 

To show how technology has moved on (or how much better Mathew is) Mathew’s best lap time was around 1m 35s and Robert’s was around 2m 7s. However Matthew can’t have it all his own way. The quickest pre-war car at VSCC Snetterton was David Morris in the ERA R11B ‘Humphrey’ (pictured right) who managed around 1m 30s, and there were plenty of other pre-war cars putting in sub 1m 35s times.


The VSCC Welsh Trial.

For those of you that don’t know ‘trialing’ is a sport that basically involves trying to get a car as far up a muddy slope as possible without stopping or hitting a marker. Points are awarded depending on how far you can get up the hill. More skill is involved than you might think, but the best bit is that the passengers are involved too – in fact you are not a passenger but a ‘bouncer’ and on the steeper sections when the car starts to get stuck in the mud the passengers bounce up and down in the car to try and release the wheels from the mud. If it all sounds a bit ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ that’s because it is, but it’s seriously good fun and gets everyone involved.  If you are interested in taking part we highly recommend joining the VSCC.

Last weekend Robert Glover was on the VSCC Welsh trial and he fulfilled a lifetime ambition by ‘trialing’ in a 30-98 Vauxhall. The car he was bouncing in is called ‘Super G’ and belongs to former VSCC president Julian Ghosh who only finished off the rebuild last week!

Also on board ‘Super G’ were Rob Hubbard and Mathew Parkin with Julian driving (pictured right). Much to the amusement of all who know him Julian was given a ‘novice’ sticker for the car as he hadn’t competed in a trial for quite a while - although he did win The Welsh Trial in 1997!

The car suffered from some ‘incontinence’ issues during the (compulsory) 100-mile trip before the start of the event. Unfortunately this meant the car arrived late so the team started with minus 65 points! Although this meant they were out of the running for the awards the car performed faultlessly for the event. The bouncers struggled to do the car justice at some hills but when the car got grip it absolutely rocketed up the hill - Robert doesn’t think Matthew’s Metro could keep up with it! A huge thank you must go to Julian Ghosh and the VSCC for an excellent weekend and congratulations to Eddie Williams and his girlfriend Grace, for the outright victory (Austin 7) and to Ewen Getley for victory in the ‘big car’ class (3/4½ litre Bentley). For more photos we reccomend having a look at who kindly supplied the images of this event for the story. 

If you fancy getting involved in any historic motoring events remember we are happy to offer any advice we can. Get in touch with Robert and he’ll be delighted to help in any way he can….. just don’t ask him to fill your fuel tank for you!

Other Links THE club for pre-war motorsport - check out their gallery section also great for historic motoring event photos. They kindly supplied the images of VSCC Snetterton Images of the MG Metro Cup some footage of VSCC Snetterton Some stunning images of 'The Welsh' 

car-220-PJP3188.jpg car-136-PJP3102.jpg car-102-PJP3169.jpg car-0-PJP3145.jpg car-112-PJP3139.jpg Team Super G 30-98 Vauxhall on The Welsh photograph from Gillian Carr m399000130.09.12-David-Morris-puts-Humphrey-through-its-paces.jpg Matt on his way to the podium! Robert trying to look like the Stig! A Retro-Racing photograph Standard and Modified Prewar sports cars at Snetterton