Winter Raid Rallye 2017

Posted on 30 January 2017

This year’s Winter Raid Rallye saw Wilfried compete in his wonderful rally-prepared 1939 Citroen CV 15/6 Leger over 1000 kilometers of snow and ice-covered Alps. The route passed through Switzerland and Austria over 4 days, with Colin, our Race Mechanic, as co-driver and support mechanic.

The race started in St. Moritz passing through Arosa, where Wilfried and Colin have successfully competed in the past at the summer Arosa Hill Climb.

In addition, there was a timed slalom on an ice rink, with the cars having to cross the ice and then reverse in the same time, quite a challenge!

 The car ran very smoothly throughout, with Colin providing full support before, during and after the event. Evenings were spent carrying out fluid and safety checks, whilst also rectifying any small issues which cropped up during the day. He’s been working on the Citroen for the last 18 months, with the last 6 months consisting of intense preparation for the event. Wilfried bought the care with the intention of participating in the 2019 Paris to Peking rally so all work being carried out on the car is with this aim in mind.

 Many congratulations to Wilfried who finished in a very commendable 13th position in the Citroen after a very successful drive. He participates regularly in numerous rallies around Europe and loves the challenge of the race.

 The car was loved by everyone, being a little bit different and very much looking the part with spare tyres on the roof – a proper rally car!

It even made the cover of the local paper…

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