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A complete in-house restoration service encompassing metalwork, body and paintwork, engineering and re-engineering, rewiring, and retrimming.
We have 18,000 square feet of workshop space dedicated solely to restoration work.

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"Just cry once"

This is the motto of one of our long term clients - now a friend. He explained his approach to classic car ownership to us over lunch. Today he has a fine collection of 'fifties and 'sixties Bentleys and Mercedes; although he started modestly many years ago. Years' of experience and mistakes have led him to the conclusion that rather than have multiple breakdowns, costs and problems which bring continuous grief, he would rather 'just cry once' - spending the money required to put his cars right once and for all. He is meticulous, demanding and wants his cars to 'show and go'. As an enthusiastic driver in events worldwide he expects comfort and reliability, sometimes including modern upgrades to help in both regards.

A full restoration is never undertaken lightly - by you or by us. We recognise the financial implications, the emotional rollercoaster ride involved and the huge amount of trust required. But we take a long term view. Should you entrust your car to us for a major rebuild, we want you to feel happy with that decision. And we want to look after the car for you in years to come. So we place a lot of emphasis on building relationships, and earning that trust through the quality of our work and consistent communication.

We believe that our work, a small selection of which is shown on this website, should speak for itself. We have a number of clients who will give you an honest opinion of us (no money changes hands!) and we work pretty hard at our customer service. We certainly don't know everything. We are always learning and there are times when we may advise you to go elsewhere if we feel there are better experts or specialists out there.

So what is involved?

Firstly, we have to meet you, and inspect the car. This gives us the opportunity to hear your thoughts and ask questions. We will have our questions - 'what do you want the car to be - concours? Back to factory original? Serious road use? From that we put together an initial estimate of time and cost involved. It will not include any figures for metalwork repairs. These will be included in a more detailed final estimate (see below). And it is an estimate. The restoration of old cars is not an exact science - unforeseen problems can and do arise. But we always talk to you about any deviations from our estimate before spending your money.

Then we recommend that you do the same at a couple of other restoration companies.

If we win the job we will produce an initial project plan in-house. This enables us to schedule each section of the work and give you an estimated delivery date of your new pride and joy. We then strip the car down and remove all paint, filler etc. Only then can we provide you with a more detailed estimate.

Once works commence we send you monthly updates on works carried out, together with photos. We take a deposit and then invoice you monthly. You are always welcome to come and see us; most of the time you car will be in our workshops. There are lots of decisions along the way, many of them fun (paint colour, trim, engine specification, even tyre choice). There will also be tougher choices - and seeing your car in bare metal before any remedial works is often not for the faint hearted!

Once the car is reassembled we will MOT it and put on at least 300 miles or so. From this will come the inevitable snagging list, and once sorted the car is back to you. In all probability there will be further minor issues to sort out, but ultimately you will have a car that is reliable and durable as well as beautiful and a performer.

So give us a call and drop in for a tour and a coffee - we are always happy to chat.