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We can carry out a full rewire on virtually any car, whether as part of a restoration or a stand alone project - often a priority for safety reasons. Wherever possible we use modern wiring materials but with the correct period coverings - whether several colours or black, cloth or PVC. We also ensure that all connections are soldered properly, using  spade connectors rather than crimping terminals (unless appropriate). The two Pauls have years of experience and have carried out full rewiring, including loom fabrication, on cars as diverse as Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Zagato, Bentley Blower, Bugatti Type 57 (C and S), Lagonda M45, Lancia Dilambda and Rolls Royce Phantom II.

electrical upgrades

Various additional demands are placed on a car's electrical system today - Halogen bulbs (requiring additional relays in the loom), modern sound systems, electric power steering, air conditioning, satnav....all can be accommodated in our rewiring. A sensible upgrade is to replace your old dynamo with a Dynator; effectively a modern alternator but fitted into a housing which looks appropriate. We have fitted these to vintage Bentleys, prewar BMWs, Lancias, Astons and so on. Other sensible modifications include the provision of a battery cut off switch - in a convenient location - and the fitting of a trickle charger socket. No need to return to the garage looking forward to that first drive in weeks (months?) to find a flat battery...