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a second flaminia zagato arrives for complete restoration

Chassis number: 824.13*3727*IGM2523OM    Engine number: 823.10*13928*

We had been searching for a really good Flaminia Sport project for some time. Matching numbers, complete, good body shape (especially the roof 'double bubble); it is amazing how the shape of these hand-crafted cars differs. And they are not necessarily symmetrical...

Production figures for Flaminias are hard to follow, and untangling the various Pininfarina, Touring and Zagato-bodied chassis is not for the faint-hearted, but essentially Zagato made 526 cars on Flaminia chassis as follows:

199 x Sport 'Series 1' cars, of which the first 99 had cowled headlamps

152 x Sport 2.5 3C (3-carburettor) models as this one here

33 x Sport 2.8 3C - identical but reworked engine

150 x Supersport - Kamm tail, different frontal treatment, uprated mechanicals, bigger carburettors.

According to the Fiat Archive this particular car was allocated to Zagato on 11/02/1963, and has spent most of its life in Sweden. Despite the winters, we have been told road salt is not used, and as a result the state of the metalwork is surprisingly good. In fact so good that we called in Stuart from 3D Engineers to do a complete 3D scan as the basis for doing future bodyskin works, and we now have a purpose -made jig for that purpose. 

The car is now completely disassembled and the skins are hanging up in our body shop - works of art!

After many months of painstaking work, the car is now complete and had its first public outing at the Chantilly Arts and Elegance Concours in 2016.