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Porsche is revered as one of history’s greatest performance car manufacturers. From Porsche 356 to 550 to 911, few car manufacturers can match Porsche for its succession of automotive greats.

For over 70 years, Porsche HQ in Stuttgart has been a veritable production line of motoring icons, including arguably the greatest automotive icon of all automotive icons, the Porsche 911.

Here at Thornley Kelham we love all Porsches, and we have a particular fondness for the model that arguably started it all: the timelessly beautiful Porsche 356. 

The Porsche 356 was the first production Porsche sports car ever built, and later spawned the 911. We love its elegant design and the growl of its rear-mounted air-cooled flat-four engine; all the elements that laid the foundation for the phenomenal 911.

The 356 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche’s son, known as Ferry, and was produced for almost two decades – confirmation, if it were needed, of its timeless capabilities as a sports car. In 1950, Autocar magazine described it as “a unique combination of comfort, performance and economy, for which some people will pay a very good price.” And to this day, people are willing to pay a very good price, at auctions and private sales all over the world. It’s a true collectors’ car, and one of the greatest sports cars of all time.

At Thornley Kelham we have carried out numerous Porsche restorations, including a number of wonderful 356s and classic 911s. From crafting gently curving 356 wings in our on-site bodyshop, to fettling carefully-tuned 911 flat-six engines in our engine-shop, Thornley Kelham can complete all Porsche work in-house, to an impeccable level of quality. 

We believe our expertise, the countless hours of painstaking research and the passion of our craftsmen ensures your classic Porsche restoration will be completed to world-class standards.