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Whatever paint type you have asked us to use on your car, or if it is to be coach painted, meticulous preparation is vital. The many hours spent here will never be seen, probably never be appreciated, and may seem expensive, but without them the paintwork will not be the best, and simply will not last.

Restoring cars with old aluminium bodywork is particularly complex. Cleaning every last trace of corrosion, old paint, welding flux and so forth is vital to ensure a trouble-free future. Maintaining a dry and warm working environment also minimises the risk of problems developing during the restoration process. Beware the car in bare metal which sits in a damp garage...

Proper preparation is time-consuming, whether we are shaping a perfectly smooth door panel, or masking, epoxy priming, stopping up, priming, flatting, re-masking, wet flatting and re-priming a louvred panel....but it is the basis of what we do.

You are welcome to call us, or better still, visit, to see how we work. We use only quality products, we ensure the working conditions (temperature, humidity, dust extraction) are as close to ideal as possible, and we are obsessive about cleanliness.

Nevertheless, the preparation has to be appropriate for the age and use of the car. No one expects the panels on a competition car to be perfect, and adding filler also adds weight! Similarly, the body of an Edwardian vintage never was perfect in a modern sense, and needs to be prepared sympathetically according to the owner’s wishes.

Perfectly smooth is not always appropriate. But where it is, that is what you will get.

And of course preparation does not just extend to paintwork. The refurbishment of parts, organisation of key processes such as chroming and nickel plating (and knowledge of which finish is correct) and appropriate finishes to ash frames etc. are all part of the jigsaw puzzle that is restoration.