Restoration » Projects » 1928 Amilcar C6 Voiturette 11014

One of two Amilcar C6 projects we have in for restoration at present is Chassis No. 11014. This example has spent its whole life in England and was one of the first two of its type imported into Britain by the agent and well-known racing driver, Vernon Balls.

It was campaigned during the 1920s and early 1930s by Bob Twist and Brian Porter; members of a syndicate of Cambridge University students that included A. S Llewellyn and possibly Maurice Falkner who owned the car on his own at a later stage.  

Post-war the car was purchased by the T.N.C. Group - the initials standing for Tozer, Narramore and Clutton. T.N.C. had a team of C6 Amilcars and far from racing in historic events modified these pre-war cars and successfully raced them in contemporary events demonstrating the quality of the initial design! Chassis No. 14 featured a lightened drilled chassis, a Wade supercharger and a lightened body, and was raced by Tozer. It was the quickest of the TNC cars on account of the stronger and more modern Wade supercharger. 

Although it has been restored back to a more original specification, including a much prettier body than that fitted by the T.N.C. Group, it still retains some of the modified features including the drilled chassis.

The more modern Wade supercharger has not been re-fitted as it would render the car ineligible for a number of the historic events the owner hopes to participate in. It has instead been fitted with a correct, twin-rotor, Amilcar supercharger that has been machined in-house and features stronger casings and a higher boost pressure. 

We must point out that we have not carried out all of the work on this car. The following top professionals have also been involved:

Pete Southan at Metalcraft has constructed the beautiful bodywork, including the bonnet sides and valances.

Alistair Gibson has overseen the subcontracting of various ancillary parts and has carried out much of the assembly work to date.

Nick Jarvis has ensured the chassis geometry is correct.

Thornley Kelham is responsible for the engine rebuild, clutch assembly, ancillaries and instruments, and the paintwork, as well as the overall assembly and commissioning of this super-special car.

In January and February, 2015 this car featured as the lead story in a two-part treatise published by 'The Automobile' Magazine alongside Amilcar C6 chassis 11052, both of whom share the same owner.