Restoration » Woodwork

We do not have a woodwork shop in house. We have considered it, but always reach the conclusion that the main carpenter/coachbuilder we work with is so good, there is no point. Although your ash frame will have to leave our premises as a result, his workshops are half an hour away and we cooperate very closely on planning, budgeting and managing projects we send to him. If the work is fairly minor, he travels to us and carries out repairs in house. 

Recent projects we have tackled together include the Phantom II and Bentley 61/2 litre ash frames, and previously, the crafting of the sides, bed, and supports of a 1960s truck - in hardwood!

We also have wooden bucks made by specialist 3D Engineers to use as a reference jig. Metal panels are then offered up to the buck, which is an exact replica of the original car as it is made from a digital scan of the car, in this case a Lancia Flaminia Zagato.