Sales » Cars For Sale » 1951 Lancia Aurelia B20GT Series 1

Chassis no: B20.1340

Engine no: B20.1347


The brilliantly innovative Lancia Aurelia was designed by Vittorio Jano for Lancia & C., and launched in Berlina form in 1950 at the  32nd Salone dell’Automobile held in Turin. Production lasted until the summer of 1958 by which time 6 series of the B20GT had been developed and produced.

The Aurelia was the first production car in the world to sport a V6 engine, designed by Francesco de Virgilio. It also had the gearbox and differential in one unit, the transaxle, in-board rear brakes and an independent rear suspension, as well as being the first car designed to use Michelin X radial ply tyres. All of this was intelligently packed into a sophisticated and fast family saloon.


The very first Aurelias were the B10 berlinas (sedans) which used a 1754 cc version of the V6  producing 56 hp (42 kW). The 2-door B20 GT coupé appeared the following year in 1951. It had a shorter wheelbase and a Ghia-designed, Pininfarina-built body (although a number of the earliest examples were bodied by Viotti). The V6 engine was now 1991 cc and produced 75 hp (56 kW). In all, 500 first series Aurelias were produced.

The Lancia Aurelia B20GT Series 1 car we have for sale has matching engine and chassis numbers. It has been recently repainted its original amaranto (dark burgundy) colour. Chassis number B20.1340 was originally registered in Trieste, Italy with registration number TS 300 000. The car has had various rallying modifications and upgrades over the years including a small vent in the roof above the driver and a third windscreen wiper.

Exterior: Leather bonnet straps, Marchal auxiliary lamps, Nardi bonnet scoop, perspex sliding side windows with aluminium frames, rear quarter light air vents, Monza-style exterior fuel filler cap, large rear reversing lamp, auxiliary rear indicator lights, front and rear tow eyes, and very rare original correct First Series wheels.

Interior: Nardi steering wheel, Nardi floor gear change, 'Rallye da Corsa' bucket seats, lightened door interiors - no handles etc, map pockets, 4-point safety harnesses, modern rev counter, modern water temperature gauge, half roll cage, fire extinguisher, foot brace and map reading light.

The car is fitted with a Halda Tripmaster and auxiliary rally clocks - these are available by separate negotiation or can be removed if not required.

Engine Bay - The engine has been fitted with a Nardi carburettor upgrade kit from a 2.5 litre B20GT. This consists of 2 x 40DCZ5 carburettors and a cast aluminium Nardi airbox.

The correct carburetion for a 2-litre car should be 2 x Weber 32 DR7 (single choke) units, or the period upgrade of 2 x Solex 30AAI twin choke units. This would need to be changed for entry to major events. We can provide the correct carburettors to either specification if required.

Competition History - the car was registered to take part in the 1961 Sestrieres Rally, which was unfortunately cancelled that year. The quality and level of rally modifications do suggest a previous owner had serious rallying intent. A previous owner participated in numerous events across Europe between 2002 and 2012 including class wins in The Monte Carlo Challenge and The Rally of The Tests.

General Description - The car has recently undergone major restoration work (not at Thornley Kelham), including bodywork, mechanical work, an interior retrim and repainted in its original amaranto colour. Post-works, the car was sent to us for further specialised work including front suspension, braking system overhaul, speedometer rebuild, improving tracking and wheel balancing. The car now drives very well indeed and is ready for its next competitive - or leisure - outing.

Overall this is a rare car, eligible for the Mille MIglia and many other major events, coming with attractive modifications for rallying already carried out. The earlier 2-litre B20GT cars are increasingly sought-after, and this example is ready to continue campaigning.

Call now on 01285 869791 to book a test drive.


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