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General information

Construction: Steel monocoque. 1600 built between 1962 and 1964 of which c. 40 right-hand drive.

Engine: all-alloy, water-cooled, overhead valve 1800cc flat-four, Solex carburettors (later cars were fuel injected)

Max. power: 92bhp @ 5200rpm

Max torque: 108lb ft @3000rpm

Transmission: four-speed manual, driving front wheels

Suspension: Front: independent by double wishbones, traverse leaf spring

                     Rear: beam axle, leaf springs; anti roll bar, telescopic dampers

Steering: worm and roller

Brakes: Girling discs, servo-assisted

Top speed: 109mph

Mpg: 27

The Lancia Flavia was designed by Professor Antonio Fessia in the late 1950s, and included many technical novelties for the time, such as an ultra  smooth horizontally opposed aluminium 4 cylinder engine which, together with its 4 speed gearbox, could be removed for servicing by unbolting the frame; split circuit disc brakes and later, fuel injection. It was also the first Italian production car to be driven via the front wheels. It was introduced for sale in the UK in 1961.

Initially available only as a four-door saloon, this model was soon joined by a two-door coupé, designed by Pininfarina on a shortened platform. Vignale then built 1601 two-door convertibles, designed by Giovanni Michelotti. Zagato, meanwhile, designed a light weight two-door sport version.

The steel-bodied Vignale was based on the shorter coupe type floor pan and  was initially equipped with a 1500 cc engine later up-rated to 1.8 litres, and with twin carburettors.

The Flavia Sport and Convertible were the rarest and most desirable cars of the Flavia range and looked particularly good with the optional steel hard top.

The car on offer:

UK registration number: NHV 19E

Chassis No: 815.335*002208

Indicated mileage: 43,350 miles

One of the 40 or so right hand drive cars, it was first registered in the UK in March, 1967 but the car is believed to be 1964. Its first UK owner appears to be a Gerald Malin, after whom the car was purchased in December 1988 at a Bonhams auction by Rory Knight Bruce. The car had then done around 13,000 miles. Mr. Bruce kept the car for 10 years, during which time significant work was carried out, and he wrote articles about the car in both The Sunday Telegraph and Classic Cars magazine.

In October 1988 he sold the car to Shaun Sheppard, who carried out a major restoration costing over £21,000 from 1999-2000, at which point the mileage was 31,000. During Mr. Sheppard’s ownership the car was regularly and properly maintained, mainly by Tanc Barratt and Omicron.

In September 2007 the car was sold to a Nikki Fitzgerald who also had the car regularly serviced and drove the car until it was purchased by the current owner in October 2014. The current MOT dated 1/12/2015 shows a mileage of 43,296.

Prior to offering the car for sale, Thornley Kelham have carried out a full service on the car and a number of additional maintenance items such as new battery, new anti-roll bar bushes and a new rev counter cable.

A genuine, rare 4-seat convertible, the Flavia Vignale displays all of Lancia’s renowned engineering excellence, comes complete with factory hardtop, and is ready to be driven and enjoyed over the summer.


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