Although the car came with little written history, it was clear from the various stickers, decals etc. that it had been used extensively for rallying.  In addition, various rally modifications and the generally very tired condition of the car confirmed that it had led a full and hard life.  

Our client has an extensive collection of classic and vintage cars, all of which are regularly and enthusiastically driven.  His instructions for the car were therefore very clear; to ensure it was safe, structurally sound, mechanically and electrically strong and reliable and capable of some serious rallying here in Europe.  

After a full inspection the conclusion was that this would necessitate significant metalwork repair, particularly the sills, a full re-wire, full engine, transmission, suspension and brake rebuilds, and a thorough overhaul of the fuel and coolant systems.  In the event, the state of the original 2 litre engine block and cylinder heads was so poor that we were forced to source, crack test, machine and re-build a new correct series 2 engine from scratch. 

This was ennhanced with the addition of an original Nardi upgrade kit for the carburetion providing both extra horsepower mid-range torque. Additional works included a full upgrade to the interior with new rally seats, rubber mats and seals, additional instrumentation and improved safety features.  Ultimately, virtually the only area untouched on the car was the paintwork!