Enjoy your car

The end goal for any classic car owner is to use and enjoy your creation. At Thornley Kelham our ethos is to create cars that look brilliant, drive beautifully and work reliably, allowing our customers to use these classics as they were originally intended. The opportunities to enjoy your classic car are endless and varied, from the hallowed lawns of the world’s finest concours d’elegance events to gruelling cross-country road rallies and timeless transport to the local shops. A Thornley Kelham creation can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Everyday use

Enjoying your classic car is possibly top of every classic owner’s wishlist. It could be your weekend transport, your hobby or a big part of your motoring life. Regardless of how you use it, you’ll want your classic car to be safe, enjoyable to drive, comfortable and reliable. At Thornley Kelham we can help in every respect: from sourcing and buying your first classic; carrying out inspections of your behalf (and sending you a detailed report); restoring, repairing or upgrading your classic; preparing it for rallies and supporting you on them too; as well as maintaining it with regular servicing. Give us a call and have a chat, whatever stage of classic car ownership you are at.

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Concours events

The world of concours d’elegance is all about displaying the very best examples and depends on the condition of your car or its provenance and history. Some events major on originality, some major on perfection and yet others will award points for a car’s history and how it’s currently enjoyed by owners. Some are more prestigious than others – Villa d’Este, Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace and Salon Privé are among the top in the world – but Thornley Kelham has prepared vehicles for, and won awards at, some of these and other concours around the world.

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Pleasure rallies

The joy of a classic car is often in the drive, and in the community of like-minded enthusiasts. The list of pleasure rallies on offer is near-endless, bringing those taking part a ready-made package of beautiful routes, convoys of iconic classics and groups of friendly classic car owners with whom you can share your experiences. You stay in wonderful hotels enroute and share the day’s experiences over fine dining and great wines. These rallies vary by distance but a well prepared, comfortable and reliable car is often key to maximum enjoyment, and we support numerous customers on such rallies.

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Competitive rallies

When you think of competitive rallies, the Mille Miglia may well be the first to come to mind. Once a famous road race, it’s now a regularity trial in which competitors must hit certain checkpoints at specific times. This format carries over to many other competitive rallies across the world, some of which also include on-track timed elements for more of a motorsport feel. Thornley Kelham is enormously experienced in both preparing cars for events and supporting customers as they take part on them. We’d be delighted to help with your specific requirements.

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