This Bristol 2-litre cabriolet, bodied by Pininfarina, is the second-ever Bristol production chassis, fitted with a prototype Frazer Nash specification Bristol engine, which was sent to Turin to be bodied by Pininfarina (reputedly driven there!). It subsequently took part in several rallies in 1948 and 1949, achieving several class wins including the 1949 Alpine Rally. The car was fully restored in the nineties after years of neglect, and came to us as the current owner was unhappy with the colour and condition of the paintwork, and the tail lamps were incorrect. We carried out a full bare metal repaint, replacing various sections of corroded aluminium in the process, and sourcing rare rear lamps which necessitated reshaping the rear wings.  The car drives beautifully and on its first outing won a prize at the Aston Martin Owners’ Club concours.