Purchased in Belgium this rare Wolfsburg-built VW came to us for a total restoration and conversion from its original microbus specification to a more practical camper configuration.

Included in the restoration were a number of modifications to improve the performance of the original vehicle, including a brand new 1772cc engine breathing through twin Dell’Orto carbs, with a Porsche fan.  It has also been fitted with rack and pinion steering, lowered and adjustable front suspension, disc brakes all round and a strengthened gearbox.

The body also required a huge amount of work to cut out all of the corroded metal and replace it with new body panels from Columbia. Original 911 Fuchs wheels, full retrim and trick exhaust all combine to make this a very desirable piece of ‘cool’.

The total restoration/conversion into a surf-themed camper is now complete but it still comes to us for regular servicing.