European: Lancia Outlaw

After completion of Outlaw 1, it was spotted by another car enthusiast and collector who commissioned Outlaw number 2. The car has been in production since January 2016 and is now complete.

For more information on our Lancia Aurelia Outlaw programme, see here

The third in the series of the limited edition ‘Outlaw Project’ began as an Aurelia desperately needing rescuing. After many hours and months of work, Outlaw 3 received a new lease of life with Lancia Blue paint and hand-drawn stripe.

And now for something completely different! Outlaw 4 is a wonderful example of what happens when all your dreams come true. The lucky owner has specified a truly inspired choice of colour and trim.

We have recently completed work on Lancia Aurelia “Outlaw Number 5′  for a UK-based client, who is extremely passionate about rescuing rare and wonderful cars and the entire restoration process.

Currently in the workshop, the latest in our Outlaw series undergoing transformation is Outlaw 6. Destined for the United States, it was first spotted at Monterey Car Week by the current owner who has since commissioned number 6 to be built to his exact specification.

Outlaw number 7 is the very latest in our Outlaw series to be commissioned and work on its transformation is now well under way. It is destined for the United States where it will grace the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

This unique and highly bespoke Aurelia is now complete to the delight of the owner who is thrilled with the outcome. The car was unveiled to the public for the first time at the 2015 Salon Prive’ held at Blenheim Palace.