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Citroën SM Restoration Opportunity

Thornley Kelham has two remaining examples of the revolutionary Citroën SM available for complete restoration, at a fixed price and to your chosen specification. The Citroën SM was first launched as a collaboration between Citroën & Maserati, produced from 1970-1975, featuring a futurism-inspired design by Robert Opron, one of the most revered car designers of modern times.

The first example has already found a new owner and restoration is underway in our workshops. Orders for SM2 and SM3 are available subject to contract, and delivery is expected in fifteen to eighteen months’ time from receipt of initial deposit. This is a unique opportunity to own an SM restored to our standards and individually specified to your requirements. SM1 was agreed at a fixed price of £185,000, with SM2 and SM3 pricing available on application.

All Thornley Kelham restored Citroën SM models will be completely stripped down to bare metal and fully prepared before any necessary metal work is carried out, after which the shell and chassis will be sealed and painted. This is followed by a preparation and paint process involving up to sixteen stages including epoxy priming, flatting, priming, and the application of several coats of colour .

Our teams have many decades of experience and skill preparing and painting cars for international concours events, and each SM will be professionally prepared and finished to those standards. Each engine will be completely rebuilt, as will engine bay ancillaries, brakes, suspension and running gear.

Your car will also be finished to your exact specification and can be updated from original as you require, including the addition of modern conveniences such as Bluetooth connectivity.

This is a unique opportunity to own one of these beautiful, ground-breaking icons, restored and finished to Thornley Kelham’s renowned concours standards.

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Partnership with O’Rourke Coachtrimmers


Thornley Kelham are strengthening their long-term partnership with world-class coachtrimmers O’Rourke, to ensure the peerless quality of its new range of European ‘restomod’ projects. O’Rourke’s have already trimmed a number of our award-winning restorations and we will now take a permanent bay within the O’Rourke facility as European production begins in earnest.

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New Jaguar XK European and New Website


  • Welcome to the newest member of our ‘European’ programme: the Jaguar XK European. Taking a derelict donor Jaguar XK as its base, the car is then transformed into ‘European’ specification, featuring an all-alloy lightweight body penned by McLaren P1 designer, Paul Howse, and a full range of performance and comfort upgrades and enhancements.

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  • We are proud to have launched our entirely new website after several years of hard work. What we have produced is not only more modern, and more in-keeping with the our dedication to design and quality, but also represents our offerings in a much clearer way. Our authentic restoration work sits proudly alongside our bespoke projects, including the European programme, and each leads naturally into the many ways you can enjoy your car within the Thornley Kelham ecosystem; our race shop, rally support or concours preparation teams.

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Introducing European By TK

Inspired by the success of our Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’ project, we are expanding our range of updated and reinterpreted automotive icons, with a new ‘European’ brand. Over the next 12 months, three new reimagined motoring legends will be revealed, having been meticulously upgraded and enhanced by the Thornley Kelham team.

European CSL

The final evolution of our Lancia Aurelia Outlaw programme is here, and marks the first step in an entirely new division within Thornley Kelham. As you may know, only nine Outlaws will ever be built, and we are introducing an exclusive specification for the final three models: the European CSL.

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Perfect for Mille Miglia

In 1951 Lancia launched the coupe version of the Aurelia – the B20GT, which would ultimately be produced in 6 distinct series until 1958. It is, with a few attractive modifications, perfect for the Mille Miglia – and we just so happen to have one such car.

Only 500 examples of the first series were built and immediately found great success in major European rallies. The car we have for sale has  recently undergone major restoration work (not at Thornley Kelham), including bodywork, mechanical work, an interior retrim and repainted in its original amaranto colour. Post-works, the car was sent to us for further specialised work including front suspension, braking system overhaul, speedometer rebuild, improving tracking and wheel balancing. The car now drives very well indeed and is ready for its next competitive – or leisure – outing.

Overall this is a rare car, eligible for the Mille MIglia and many other major events, coming with attractive modifications for rallying already carried out. The earlier 2-litre B20GT cars are increasingly sought-after, and this example is ready to continue campaigning.

New Engine Building Facility

We can tune, develop and build your engine – race or road and have recently expanded our operations with major upgrades to our engineering and engine building departments.

We are now able to offer our clients:-

  • Engine preparation and development
  • Full machine shop facilities
  • State of the art Dynamometer facility

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New Dyno Facility

We’re excited to share a sneak preview of the new engine dyno facility being installed in our workshop. The addition of the powertrain testing equipment comes directly after Thornley Kelham announced its partnership with Race Techniques, offering an expanded and enhanced machine shop both in terms of equipment and also engineering expertise.

Our Superflow 902 Dynamometer measures every aspect of an engine’s performance and can accommodate outputs as high as 1500bhp, 1000 ft/lbs of torque and 12,000rpm. Race Techniques’ Superflow SSF300E Flow Bench measures the precise quantity of air an engine cylinder can consume and expel. 

New Engineering Facility


Through our acquisition of the Race Techniques team and their equipment, now housed in our brand new facility, we can now build your ultimate road or race engine.

We can offer you improved levels of engine performance and greater fuel efficiency and engine longevity, all evaluated using our Superflow SF300E Flow Bench and decades of experience.

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